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June 7, 2010

Spontaneous Prayer Trip

Things don't always happen the way that we plan them, do they?

Bill and I just got home from Europe. My assistant and I went to Scotland, and Bill and his team went to Norway. We were to meet in Germany to do a conference together.

I have had a dream to go to Scotland for quite a long time. I wanted to go to the Island of Iona and kiss the ground! Iona is a place where Saint Colombo and Saint Patrick started a ministry. That island, they say, is where Christianity actually started and spread over the whole UK and into Europe. So I got to go there and lie on the ground, and I did not want to get up!

While we were in Europe, the volcano erupted in Iceland, and all of the flights and airports in Europe were cancelled for days. Our flight from Ireland to Germany was cancelled, and Bill's flight from Norway to Germany was cancelled as well. This started our great, spontaneous prayer adventure.

We tried everything we could to get to Germany, but the best we could do was take a train from Glasgow, Ireland, to London. Bill got on a ferry and drove 20 hours in a car to make it to the conference in Germany. My assistant and I were delayed in London for two days.

Before the trip, a prophetic friend called me and gave me a prophetic word. He said to me, "I don't know where you are going next--but wherever you are going, you are to declare love over three nations that are keeping Iraq from its destiny. You are going to where the bells toll, and when you hear the bells toll, you are to release great love over those nations." So here we were stranded in London--where the bells ring EVERYWHERE!

The first night we were in London, we got to our hotel that we had booked and started figuring out that God was up to something! We walked into our room, and we got hit with something. I said, "Oh my goodness! What is in this area?" We got out of the room to go shopping. (We were stranded, so we figured we might as well make the best of it. Ha.) And as we drove away on the bus, we passed the Islamic Center of England, and then we knew! So we got up that next morning and stood in front of that building and read some Scriptures and made some love declarations until we felt a release.

We ended up checking out of that hotel right after and moving to another. Our new hotel was directly across the street from Big Ben, and the London Eye was also right in front of our window. It was beautiful. We decided that we would take a bus tour around London. The bus tour took us to a river tour. As we came up on the boat to exit, we had to wait on the boat for a while for the other boat to exit the dock. So there we were, sitting there directly under Big Ben as it started ringing at high noon! The bells rang twelve times, and we just released that love to the nations again. That night, as I went to sleep, the bells rang all night long. All night long, I interceded with the bells. I thought to myself, this is the wildest prayer trip I have ever been on!

We ended up getting tickets out of London on the train to Paris. We had five hours until we connected to a train to Germany, so we decided to go to Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower. We got a taxi to Notre Dame. We stepped out of the taxi, and the bells began ringing at high noon again, twelve times! So then again, we started interceding for those nations! We were so set up!

On a side note, high noon represents twelve, and twelve represents government. It is also when the sun exposes everything with light.

We finally got to Germany! They took us to our hotel in Speyer. One night we stayed next door to the oldest cathedral in Germany with a bell tower. Sure enough, the bells went off again--all night long! So I released love, love, and love over those nations.

What did I get out of this trip? I got a heart for those Islamic nations that I have never had before.

Sometimes, we get totally set up to be in places that we never thought we would be. If we tune in to Him, He will sometimes have an assignment for us to do. Always be ready for anything! If something goes wrong, say, "God. What are you doing? What are you wanting me to do?" Sometimes we will know, and maybe sometimes we won't. Be flexible, go with the direction of the wind, and in the middle of chaos, find His voice and just do what He is doing--make the best of it!