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February 13, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!

We recently got home from a couple of really fun trips. The first one was to Fortuna and Arcata, California, where I went to speak at some friends' churches and a ministry school. We had great fun with the school, as we went and Wakey Wakey'd the angelic over my favorite cemetery to call forth what God is doing on the coast! It was a blast!

We saw some good healings, as well. One of my favorites was the healing of a young man who had injured his knee in a sports accident. I had some of our school of ministry students with me, and we called out words of knowledge. This boy's kneecap was moved to the side of his knee when he had this injury. As someone prayed for him, his kneecap shifted all the way back to where it was supposed to be! It was phenomenal! I made him show me and everything. It was a happy night.

The next week we went to the coast in Santa Cruz, California. I went and joined the Crowders and the Dunns, Winnie Banov, and Anne Stock for a really fun time! We met in the old Vet’s hall and just partied with Jesus together! There was much joy and much vision for 2010. We definitely shifted something in Santa Cruz, and I loved being with all of them.

This season we are in right now feels like a blue season. David Johnson explains what blue represents:

Blue is the color of the sky and the ocean. Blue is one of the most popular colors. It causes the opposite reaction as red. Peaceful, tranquil blue causes the body to produce calming chemicals, so it is often used in bedrooms. Blue can also be cold and depressing. Fashion consultants recommend wearing blue to job interviews because it symbolizes loyalty. People are more productive in blue rooms.1

Blue is revelation! I believe we are entering into this season of blue with much joy. As we draw near to the heart of the Father and as our times with Him in the secret grow deeper and greater, He is revealing to us much revelation of His heart. He is revealing to us His secrets for such a time as this!

I am very excited about this year, as I can feel the intensity of the Father, as He cheers us on!


1 David Johnson, "Color Psychology: Do different colors affect your mood?