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October 1, 2009


We are seeing the Wakey Wakey message spread all over the world. Testimonies are coming to me from England, Australia—all different countries and all different towns. God is awakening the angelic and awakening His people to call out for an outpouring like never before.

Sheri Silk and I just got home from a women's conference in Honolulu, Hawaii. I have actually done three women's conferences in the past month: Harrisburg, Redding and Hawaii. It has been the first one for each place. God is doing something with the women! I am sure you have all heard the words being put out that we are now in the season of the woman. It has been so much fun being a part of this and watching women get permission to be who they are. There is nothing like it.

In Hawaii, we saw a lot of freedom take place. Sheri and Kathie Walters and I had a great time ministering with one another. During the conference, we saw two native Hawaiians hula dance in worship for the first time since they got saved. They had stopped doing it when they joined the church. It was the most beautiful sight of redemption and freedom. At the end of the conference, we had an impartation time during which we had one of the most violent, drunken fire tunnels that I've ever been a part of! There was a lot of dancing! It was so much fun! We received many testimonies after about women getting delivered in the fire tunnel. The pastor told us that he had phone calls afterwards of men saying, "What has happened to my wife?!" I love hearing this. :)

It has been a joy to be a part of such fun. I just spoke a message on transition a couple of Sundays ago. You can get it on our podcast on I encourage you to keep going in this time. We cannot give up!

There is a lot of angelic activity going on. I woke up this morning and the wind is really blowing here in our region. Yesterday, I felt the war of the angels and it didn't feel really good, but today it feels like the angels got the upper hand and they are just letting us know they are there (with the wind). The crazy thing is that I feel like we are to encourage them, let them know that we are on their side, so to speak. Wild and crazy, I know, but there you have it. Thank you Jesus!

Press on!

Happy day,