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May 11, 2009

There is Hope!

There is hope in Abilene, Texas! I was in Abilene this last week and had a great time, as usual. A friend of ours, Bob Hartley, had given me a word about bringing hope to New Hope. He had no idea that was the name of the church I was going to be at in Abilene, Texas, a month later.

I was scheduled to teach on Friday night, so when I woke up that morning, I soaked for a while and asked God to give me some direction for the women there. I got hit with hopelessness and fought it all day. This is a very familiar feeling for me because I used to live with that feeling. I was ready for the night service because I knew that Holy Spirit was going to show up and do what He does best, and He did.

In the meeting, I called people forward who were going through a season of hopelessness. Many women came to the front. I prayed for all of them. So fun! One lady came up to me for prayer and she couldn't even get out what she wanted to say. Before I could even start praying, she went to the ground and began laughing. She rolled and laughed all the way across the front half of the church. She would try to get up but then fall again and kept rolling and laughing. It was very fun to watch. I had her share what was going on in her the next day. She said that she had been so hopeless over her diabetes and was so tired of it. But then Holy Spirit hit her and there was an exchange that took place. She didn’t remember how she had gotten from one part of the room to the other side. All she remembers is trying to come up to me, and then waking up on the floor across the room. She got in her car to drive home, and she doesn't know how she got home. She missed her driveway and had to drive around the block to get it again. Ha! I asked her how her diabetes was doing and she said it was up when she got home, but when she got up the next morning it was down. She said the big thing is that she just didn't care; hopelessness had lifted!

Just one of the many stories of what Holy Spirit did in Abilene, Texas, at New Hope Church.

I love it!! There is hope!!