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April 15, 2009


Our prayer and worship trip to Wales was life changing for so many that went. All of the amazing things that happened on the trip would take a lot of time to write down.

Several months ago, Ray Hughes was visiting our church. We were having lunch one afternoon and he looked at us and said, "What if we were to go to Stonehenge in England and release a new sound in worship that would change the whole UK?" I said to him, "Let me know when and I will be there." With that said, we put a team of fifty together from Redding, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Ray, having been to Wales and England many times praying and worshipping, knows the history of revival throughout the whole country. We were so honored to be with him and his wife Denise in this journey.

One of the places we visited was Pembroke Castle. Our team was so big that we had to split into two teams with two different guides. These two men were brilliant and made the tour worth our time. The last place in the castle area that our guide took us to was a cave. We walked down a lot of stone stairs and entered into a large cave area. We decided that this would be a great place to worship. The first song that we sang was the old Welsh hymn, "Here is Love." It has been called the Welsh love song. Singing a love song for a country in the cave of a very important castle was impacting to say the least. I turned around and thought I saw one of our team with hands raised, eyes closed, with tears coming down his face. I looked again and saw that it was our tour guide. This man is a historian and a linguist. When the song was over this is what he said, "We have had opera singers and professionals singers down here but I have never felt this before." We asked him if he had ever heard the song and he said, "No, but it sounded so familiar." We shared with him that this was an old Welsh hymn sung during the Welsh revival with Evan Roberts. He told us that when he heard the song that it touched him deeply. That is because it was his song--the song of his land. So many of the Welsh people have forgotten or have never heard the songs of the revivals. The other guide was down there at the same time and wanted all the information on the song. Both were impacted with the presence that filled that cave. The presence of God came and we enjoyed it. We left that day but we did not leave fruitless. Two older men heard the song of their land and felt their heritage for the very first time.

Wales Team