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September 16, 2010

The Call Recap

The Call Sacramento was held on September 3rd and 4th. Bill and I were coming home from a trip on the 3rd, so we weren't able to make it for the night of worship that started that amazing event off. As you know, God surely rests on the praises of His people. And He did.

I left Redding early on the 4th to make it for the day. We met at the Capitol Mall, and God was resting on us. What happens when God puts you on like a glove? Well, we watched what happened...

Some time early in our prayer time, there was a call to pray for pornography, human trafficking, sex slavery, etc. Nancy Alcorn, who has a ministry called Mercy Ministries, which serves young women who have come out of all types of abuse, brought 40 of these young women up on the stage. She had a couple of them share their stories. WOW!

As they shared, a spirit of intercession and travail began to move upon the people up on the stage and on the ground. I began to feel like I was being put on like a glove, and I have not had that kind of travail prayer happen to me in a very long time. Lou Engle noticed it on two of us and called us out to intercede for what the Lord was moving on our hearts about. We were so wrecked for that moment, and I think it was the best time of prayer for the whole event! We were all pressed to God's heart to get a breakthrough in those areas! I don't even really remember what I began to pray in the mic. I do remember yelling out, "Let the travail of your soul come out!" I just remember feeling such intense love for those who needed to be set free.

While we were praying, Nancy and Cindy Jacobs took those young girls to a cross that was about 100 yards away from the stage. You could see that makeshift cross out in front of you as you stood on the stage. There, those young women stood and cried out for their freedom and the freedom of our nation and the countless others across our land. At that moment, God was putting us all on like a glove for His purposes. Within an hour of that prayer time, we received a report that Craigslist had removed all of the pornographic stuff on their website. Since that day, I have been getting breakthrough news on some of the things that we cried out for. (Go to What a great story of God using one man to bring breakthrough!

God is on the move, and He wants to put you on like a glove!!